Carman Wellness Connections

Working Groups

Affordable Housing
The Affordable Housing Working Group's purpose is to promote and advocate for affordable and income geared housing in our area. We initiate conversation with interested parties and government agencies in an effort to improve the available units and encourage building additional spaces. We share information and join in supporting the efforts of other organizations who share this vision and purpose.
Affordable Recreation and Leisure
The Affordable Recreation & Leisure Working Group exists to increase awareness and access to free or low cost community recreational and leisure activities. The Group works closely with the Town/RM Recreation Department and other community groups to promote these activities and plan new activities for individuals and families with a priority focus for those with a limited income. The group welcomes new volunteers and ideas.
Education and Employment
The Education and Employment Working Group goal is to increase educational and employment opportunities through improved awareness of and access to work opportunities identified in our area. We are working to explore partnership opportunities between local school, local businesses and post secondary institutes. We welcome input from interested persons and are always looking for new ideas and fresh perspectives.
Food Security
The Food Security Working Group works towards ensuring individuals/families have access to affordable healthy food options. This includes a Grow a Row Project with a free produce stand where community members can leave and take produce as needed. The Group has also partnered with Direct Farm Manitoba and the Carman Farmers Market to offer a food currency program for families. The Group is also working with families to offer gardening and food preparation opportunities. The Group continues to plan more activities and opportunities in the future.
Supporting Emotional Health
Supporting Emotional Health (CWC-SEH) is a working group established for the purpose of providing and promoting resources and programming to support the emotional wellness of ALL members of our community. The Working Group plans resources and programming with consideration of evidence based practice and the needs of the community. The program committee within the Working Group is responsible for the contracting of facilitators, registration, and evaluation process for programming.
The Working Group also promotes programming offered through other agencies such as the Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba (ADAM).
The Transportation Working group is currently exploring opportunities for community partnerships for affordable and accessible transportation